Mercedes and Red Bull forced to change their suspension system.

The expected Melbourne appeal from Ferrari against its two rivals is likely not to happen, after Red Bull and Mercedes were asked to change their 2017 suspension designs. As reported earlier there was some controversy over suspension systems during the winter, with Ferrari asking the FIA to clear up their regulations. They wanted to learn more about the […]

Renault fixes its engine problems.

Renault has solved the drive problems of the MGU-K in time before the beginning of the season.  Our friends of the German ‘Auto, Motor und Sport’ are reporting that Renault’s engine department made a brake through that should solve their problem. Not only the Renault F1 team will benefit from this, as it seemed that […]

Ferrari Loophole exposed & how they did it.

The odd side pods of Ferrari’s SF70H have been the eye catcher of many engineers in the paddock. Up until now none of them had a clue why they were shaped that way. Even the mighty Adrian Newey couldn’t explain them. It has been quite a while since we got a radical Ferrari in Formula One. […]

What did the first test week teach us?

With the first week of the tests behind us it is, finally, time again to write relevant Formula One related articles. No more wasting time on historical features. 😉 Of course I know that the tests count for little, but the little there is can be analysed anyway. Lap times count for nothing, after all ‘who […]

FIA tightens up their suspension regulations.

The war between (some) teams, over the legality of certain suspension systems, rages on. I reported earlier in February, that there might be uncertainty over the upcoming Australian GP results. Ferrari considered protest against said results. That is why the FIA have issued a clarification of the current rules.  As we know, the systems under protest […]