Manor asks FIA for help

As we all know, Manor isn’t doing well. Money problems and the loss of possible investors put them in a situation where they’re trying not to drown. One month prior to the first preseason test they haven’t even started to build their car for 2017. 
In order to buy themselves some time they’ve asked the FIA for permission to partake in the first three races of the season with their 2016 car. In the hope that they’ll be able to find a new investor or someone who wants to buy the team altogether. Sadly though, even when they find that miracle investment, time is running out. That is why they asked FIA for help. 

Of course it’s not only FIA who has to grant them permission on this ‘deal’. For such emergency solutions they need a ‘go ahead’ from all the teams too. And since 2017 will be a year of major rule changes the question will be if the other teams want that. Not only will the manor cars look very different due to the new dimensions of the cars, but they’ll be massively slower too. Figures, on paper, suggest that they’ll always run in to the 107% rule. 

Since the first articles appeared linking Asian investors and/or Tavo Hellmund to the team there still haven’t been any real confirmations of a deal. And by now their time is starting to run out. Since December any developments and productions on the new cars has been ceased. Furthermore the fear of bankruptcy has created an exodus of their workforce. Renault and Toro Rosso took advantage of the opportunity to give some of the (ex) Manor employees a new job.  

Might this be a sign on the wall? Let’s hope, for their sake, they’ll find a solution. Quick. 


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