Breaking: Ross Brawn to replace Ecclestone 


Coming from a German tabloid so there is a question mark as to the validity of the story but here’s a translation of the article.

Auto bild motorsport is reporting that they have an exclusive. According to them Ferrari legend Ross Brawn has signed a deal with (the new F1 owner) Liberty Media to become the successor of one Bernie Ecclestone. They also report that the governing body, that is the FIA, have agreed to this. As we all know the FIA president Jean Todt worked very close (and successfully) with Brawn from 1997 until 2006. On the questions when the deal becomes official news and what Ecclestone will do after that they have no answer.

The daily telegraph is reporting Brawn saying:

“Helping F1 to become a better F1 is what made it attractive for me. That’s the main thing that got me excited and lured me in to become a part again of this sport. I will never go to work for a team again as I have given my all to different teams now. All I could do there is repeat what I have done already.”

As we all know he has worked successfully for teams like Benetton, Ferrari and Brawn GP. I, for one, credit him for the Mercedes team too, as he helped build it up to what it is now. Brawn has been the architect of the success Michael Schumacher enjoyed. It is an understatement to say Brawn knows what he does and he is good at it. The numbers of titles alone is mind blowing. And the fact that he has had such different positions in teams shows us that he is a capable man.

Bild is reporting that alongside Brawn the main candidates to replace Ecclestone were Christian Horner and Formula E boss Alejandro Agag. The American based media empire that is Liberty Media wants to rejuvenate our beloved sport and they gather that Brawn is the best way to do it. For those of you who read my other piece around the Spanish GP you’ll know that I wanted the same. I think Brawn at the top is the best F1 decision for decades. Let’s hope this all comes through

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