Mercedes protest Suzuka 2016

​The German paper ‘autobild’ came out with a story labeled the truth behind Mercedes protest on Verstappen’s defensive move. They found out why Mercedes made the case and later withdrew it. As we all know Verstappen moved before the last chicane, in the braking zone, when Hamilton tried to overtake him in lap 52. Thus resulting in Hamilton taking the escape road, placed on the outside of said chicane. With this manoeuvre Verstappen would have broken the rule in paragraph 13.4.4. But as the people on twitter saw, Hamilton wrote a tweet saying: ‘people talking about a Mercedes protest are wrong. Some idiot made the story and the rest copied it. Max drove very good and that’s the end of it’ perfectly in-line with Toto’s story after the race to the German RTL, who lauded the young mans race craft. Saying how his sportive nature wants to see actions like this, but also that sometimes the stewards have a different opinion. What both of them didn’t knew, and what the story of ‘autobild’ now says is that; at the first meeting of the stewards, both Italian marshals Enzo Spano and Emanuelle Pirro alongside their Japanese college Takashi Mitarashi would have out voted their Australian college Gary Connelly resulting in a no further actions taken. 

Connelly, however, has a name of being a bit ruthless and he wasn’t satisfied with said result. To which he took matters in own hand by going to the Mercedes motorhome trying to convince Mercedes’ bosses of his case. By that time both Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda were already on a plane and Connelly only found Paddy Lowe and Ron Meadows. Those two happily agreed with Connelly and said they wanted to protest. Some time later it resulted in Hamilton finding out, and phoning to Wolff saying he himself is opposed to the case. As stated before Wolff felt the same and, from in his plane, he got in contact with the FIA, demanding a withdrawal. Of course in the time in-between reporters jumped on it and twitter had a little storm, which Hamilton ended by saying that the protest is withdrawn and how he feels it was the right thing to do. If the case is really closed is something I don’t know. Will  there be actions against Connelly? As it isn’t really his place to take this kind of action since he was out voted 3 to 1. 


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