Manor asks FIA for help

As we all know, Manor isn’t doing well. Money problems and the loss of possible investors put them in a situation where they’re trying not to drown. One month prior to the first preseason test they haven’t even started to build their car for 2017.  In order to buy themselves some time they’ve asked the […]

Sauber to use Honda engines in 2018

As we all know Honda wants to deliver engines to a second team on the grid. I, bruznic, believe it is Honda who’ve pushed Ron Dennis out of McLaren, because of the latter one’s reluctant attitude towards such a deal. I’ve been telling that to everyone who wants to hear it, haha. And it now […]

Paris Dakar adventure

​Since it’s the ‘off season’ I will share a story here to fill the void a bit. It’s not F1 related but you won’t mind. I began this one on the holiday break but was unable to finish it any sooner. I started this one while I was writing a different, bigger, story but unfortunately […]

Alonso: Schumacher was my biggest rival.

  This is an interview that the German Auto und Motorsport had with Fernando Alonso. I will do nothing more than translating (and paraphrasing a bit), in order to share it with you. AMuS: Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are fighting for the championship until the last race. Don’t you miss this feeling? Alonso: Of course. […]

Mclaren’s new no. 1 (update)

​ Mclaren have found their Ron Dennis replacement. According to sky news the marketing expert Zak Brown has signed a deal with the Woking based firm. Within the week official statements should be made in which McLaren will explain how the 45-year old Brown is set to take a job as a senior executive, effectively […]

Rob Smedley to take a step back. 

As we all know Felipe Massa will end his Formula One career, as a driver, after the grand prix in Abu Dhabi. But now Rob Smedley has confessed to wanting to slow things down for himself too. Smedley and Massa have been dancing the Formula One tango for ten years now. They first got together […]

Vettel punishment revised? (Updated)

Ferrari has made a new case about the 10 seconds penalty Vettel got for his manoeuvre on Ricciardo in the closing stages of the Mexican Grand Prix. After the second free practice in Brazil the stewards of the Mexican GP will have a telephone conference with Ferrari and Red Bull.  Article 14.1 allows all teams […]