Criticism on Vettel’s start position.

FIA’s race leader Charlie Whiting had a heated driver meeting today, in Bahrein. And with him Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel. Vettel had to listen to a lot of criticism about his starting position on the grid of Shanghai. Sebastian Vettel put his Ferrari, at the start of the Chinese Grand Prix, approximatly one meter outside his […]

Ferrari under suspicion! (Update)

Since Ferrari has become victorious again it seems that all eyes are on them. The fans hopes are high for a ‘Schumi vs Mika’ -like battle between Vettel and Hamilton. But Ferrari’s rivals are busy trying to reveal the secrets of the Italian team, in the hope of being able to catch up. And, as […]

V-6 Biturbo with 1.200 bhp in the near future?

The current (and possible new) engine manufacturers have met with the FIA and the FOM in Paris, in order to discuss the Formula 1 engines of the future (2021). They have already agreed on a formula: Simpler, stronger, louder and cheaper.  On Friday (March 31 2017), the design of the future of Formula 1 was […]

Does Vettel owe his win to Verstappen?

Now that the first Grand Prix weekend of the year is over, it is a good time for analyzing what really happened. Some questions we had after testing (finally) got their first answers. However, it seems Australia gave us a couple of new questions on top of the ones we already had. Will this season […]

Mercedes and Red Bull forced to change their suspension system.

The expected Melbourne appeal from Ferrari against its two rivals is likely not to happen, after Red Bull and Mercedes were asked to change their 2017 suspension designs. As reported earlier there was some controversy over suspension systems during the winter, with Ferrari asking the FIA to clear up their regulations. They wanted to learn more about the […]

Renault fixes its engine problems.

Renault has solved the drive problems of the MGU-K in time before the beginning of the season.  Our friends of the German ‘Auto, Motor und Sport’ are reporting that Renault’s engine department made a brake through that should solve their problem. Not only the Renault F1 team will benefit from this, as it seemed that […]